2019 Midwest Rescue Horse Trainers Challenge Trainers:

Katryna Miller (Returning Trainer!): “I have been riding since I was about seven years old and have been training since I was sixteen. I have worked under multiple trainers and graduated from the Equine Business and Management program at Lamar Community College. I have worked with all kinds of horses in the years I have been riding. I now run my own training and boarding business, KJ Equine, in Waunakee, WI. I participated in the trainer’s challenge last year, and I can’t wait to be a part of it again and change another horse’s life!”
Emma Jackson
Emma Jackson (Returning Trainer!): “Since I was a little girl, I have been obsessed with horses. I always dreamed of having a horse farm, a big indoor, endless trails and pastures full of horses. I’m not ashamed to say, that‘s still the dream! Today, I’m working on that becoming reality. I believe every horse deserves a chance at a great home, and deserves an education that will bring him there. I strive to turn out horses that are calm, cool, and collected no matter the situation. No matter the discipline, I love giving horses a solid foundation to build on. There’s nothing more rewarding to me than seeing a horse learn to trust, and overcome whatever damage may have happened in their past. I’m excited to be participating for a second year, and can’t wait to see what this year brings!”
Emily Clark
Emily Clark (Returning Trainer!): “I have had a passion for horses since I took my first riding lesson as a child.  I went on to pursue my dream and graduated from the equine program at Black Hawk College.  Since then I have spent countless hours in the barn and have worked hard to continue to improve my training abilities!”
Rachel Szydlowski
Rachel Szydlowski: “Hey there, my name is Rachel! I am extremely excited to be able to participate in my first challenge and see what experiences will be coming my way! I have been around horses for the past 17 years. I started out going to a summer horse camp when I was 5 years old and I was immediately hooked. Ever since I started this journey with horses, I have been taking lessons, going to natural  horsemanship clinics, and over the past few years even starting my own training business. My recent joy for horses was reignited when I started working with my first kill pen rescue horse, Duke. After working with Duke and seeing how much we each learned from each other, I knew that working with rescues is something I am extremely passionate about. Since Duke, I have fostered my heart-horse Roxie (in the picture) and worked with a few others rescues! When it comes to training, I am very passionate about natural horsemanship in all aspects, whether it is groundwork, colt starting, liberty work, or just allowing the horse and myself to open a dialogue. After working with rescue horses, I  believe that no two horses are alike in the way they can be approached in training. Patience and understanding are key in the way they are worked with and will set a direct tone for their future and success. I am so grateful for this experience and I can’t wait to meet my new rescue and see what we will be able to accomplish!!”
Morgan Maske
Morgan Maske: “Hello! My name is Morgan and I have been around horses for almost 20 years and recently gotten more involved with training and fallen in love with it. I own a 19 year old gelding and we mainly are a dressage team, but we dip our feet into a little of everything. I’m so excited to be involved in my first trainer’s challenge and see where it takes me!”
Gwendolyn Haag: “Gwendolyn rediscovered her passion for horses five years ago when she decided to take a chance and ask a complete stranger for riding lessons. Since then, she has become the proud owner of a little buckskin mare named Khalifa. Working with her, Gwendolyn developed a strong core of self-confidence in her riding ability (and grooming ability) and discovered the beauty of constructing a language and partnership with a “green” horse. Her training strives to create a strong and respectful connection from the ground to ensure a focused and confident ride each time. She is ecstatic for the opportunity to be a part of this inspiring challenge and can’t wait to get started with her partnered rescue horse!”
Andi Banwell
Andi Banwell: “I am Andi Banwell. I have over twenty years of equestrian experience. I started riding at an early age which gave me the opportunity to learn from many trainers, horses and work environments. After delving in just about every equestrian discipline out there I fell in love with the sport of barrel racing. Where opinions and judges are left behind and you and your horse become a team. Your hard work and trust in each other is what takes you to the top.  I have years of experience teaching children through horse camp programs and private lessons. I focus first and foremost on safety and  building a strong relationship of trust between horse and rider. I also have trained more horses than I can count over the years. From starting colts, to fixing behavior problems under saddle and on the ground to working with mustangs. When working with horses I believe in taking my time to teach a good foundation and respect in the horse that will last.”
Serenity Hackl: “Serenity is 18 years old and currently attending her senior year of high school. She has been riding since she was old enough to walk and hold herself in the saddle on her own. Serenity developed a special interest in horse training at the age of 10.  She spends all her spare time working with her two horses whom she trained herself; a quarter horse named cricket and a mustang named Mimic. Mimic was Serenity’s pick for the mustang challenge in Madison this past April.  With 90 days to turn a mustang from wild to mild, she enjoys showcasing the trainability and versatility of these horses. She is excited to be a part of this year’s rescue horse challenge and looking forward to being a part of their journey to find a forever home! “
Jennie Matche
Jennie Matsche: “I’m so grateful to be part of this opportunity.  I have had horses my whole life, enjoyed trying several disciplines including Western Pleasure, English, reining, gymkhanas, barrel racing, driving and judging.  I also am a graduate of Oklahoma horseshoeing school.  I have been part of 4H, FFA, and WIHA.  My interest now is trail riding and helping children and families with their horse.  I work with the horses to become confident and to enjoy their job so that the owners will have the ability to take the horse in any direction they want.  My inspiration has been all the people that have said, “I rode a horse once it bucked me off “.  I want people to have positive thoughts of horses so they enjoy the beauty, abilities and appreciate this wonderful animal. “
Ann Nelson
Ann Nelson: “Ann Nelson hails from Arena, WI. She runs her business Amacher Horsemanship on a family farm with her husband Karl and son Jack. Ann is a 2005 graduate of UW-River Falls where she received her BS in Animal Science with an Equine Emphasis. A perpetual student of horsemanship, Ann has been practicing and honing her skills for more than 25 years. A self-proclaimed “Jack of all Trades,” Ann has experience with many different disciplines. She enjoys being involved with many disciplines and training horses to be versatile. She has practiced natural horsemanship techniques for her entire career, which she combines with classical dressage concepts and exercises. She teaches her riding students a balanced seat focused on centered riding, timing, and feel. “
Emily Lundquist
Emily Lundquist: “To me, there is no greater joy then getting to work with an equine and having the ability to share them with others. I’ve been riding for about fifteen years and seriously training horses for the last seven or so. My equestrian experience spans through 4-H, state competitions, trail riding, english & western pleasure, ranch horse shows, jumping, and cross country. In high school, I fell in love with natural horsemanship and have incorporated those methods into each horse I work with. I currently operate a YMCA equestrian program which has given me the opportunity to work with a variety of different horses to build on my training skills as well as pass my knowledge onto other people who are horse crazy. The last four years has found me involved with donkeys and mules, but I will always love a well-rounded and versatile horse. I very much look forward to working with one special horse in the competition and giving them a second chance!”